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Get Your Card / Clinics

Get Your Card / Clinics - Starrbuds


Get Your Card

Becoming a card holder in Montana is a relatively easy process. As long as you have a documented eligible condition and are qualified by a Doctor you can get your card through The State of Montana so you can use alternative medicine legally.


Dr. Clinics come to Missoula and the surrounding area every month. You can contact a local clinic when you need to speak with a medical professional about your condition. If you call us we also have the clinic dates to help you get started.

Herbal therapy is a natural alternative to prescription medication and can help treat various conditions. Stop living in pain and get the help you need obtaining your card. Speak with a medical professional at a local clinic as soon as possible.

See Clinics Below

Contact Alternative Wellness – Tara at 406-249-1304

River City Whole Health – Debbie at 406-214-2040

The Canna Clinic – Contact at 406-589-5516

New Home Medicine – Contact at 406-393-2098


The Process

Call and schedule an appointment to talk with your doctor or one of the clinics around town. Grab your medical records describing your medical condition and reason for wanting a Card. Grab your MT ID and head to your Doctor’s appointment. After you have your signed physician statement you can go online to Complia, create an account and follow the instructions to become a new patient. If you bring your doctors statement in to Starrbuds we can help you apply and take the hassle out of the process.